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Give Your Living Room Timeless Character With Thrifty Finds

Your living room is where you gather with friends and family, so the space should be both cozy and stylish. Achieve big style on a small budget with vintage pieces found at flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales. Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep It’s not uncommon to find brand-name, well-built, sturdy sofas that […]

Insiders’ Secrets: Ways to Save on Your Remodel

Busting the budget is everyone’s biggest fear when it comes to renovation. And with good reason. Even if you follow the essential advice we’ve been doling out for years—build in a 20 percent cushion to cover the nasty surprises, get contractor references and check them, banish the words “while you’re at it” from your vocabulary—it’s […]

Knockout Built-Ins

A Place for Family Homes with great character often get some of their magic from built-ins such as this breakfast nook, from “The New Built-Ins Idea Book,” by Sandor Nagyszalanczy. While built-ins can add beauty and utility, they won’t necessarily boost your home’s resale value. That will depend on the project and on what’s standard […]

5 DIY Tips for Home Staging on the Cheap

Your home’s been on the market for a while now and you’re not getting any offers. Your real estate agent has suggested professional staging, but that’s just not in the budget. What’s a desperate home seller to do? You might consider a staging consultation. Many home stagers will provide room-by-room assessments for homeowners, offering tips […]

Create a Home Office That Works for You

On her popular blog WorkingNaked.com, author and home office expert Lisa Kanarek shares advice on all aspects of working from home. Check out her top 10 tips on designing the perfect home office space, one that not only meets your specific needs, but also inspires your work. 1. Even if you already have a home […]