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Selling Your Home? The Cards Are In Your Favor

Selling your home? In most parts of the country, you have finally regained the upper hand. To get your best price, though, you need to finesse your timing, list competitively and match your marketing strategy to local conditions. Lower your sights to make more money. Rising prices breed rising hopes: In a recent poll, brokers […]

5 DIY Tips for Home Staging on the Cheap

Your home’s been on the market for a while now and you’re not getting any offers. Your real estate agent has suggested professional staging, but that’s just not in the budget. What’s a desperate home seller to do? You might consider a staging consultation. Many home stagers will provide room-by-room assessments for homeowners, offering tips […]

Importance of OPEN HOUSE

To others Open House is just a waste of time. Everyone find it easy to have it online tour vs. having an open house.. But let me tell you that Open house showings could also lead to a quicker sale. Buyers want to see their future selves living in the home they are looking at. […]

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Home Improvement to Sell

Potential buyers nowadays want to get as much as possible for their money and are on the look out for extra essentials such as a pool, balcony, large patio and gardens. They’re looking for something that will give them a lifestyle at appreciative price. This is such a buyer’s market that if your home has […]