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Design the Driveway of Your Dreams

The driveway does more than lead your car from the garage to the curb and back again. Whether it’s a straight shot paved with asphalt or a curved course laid in brick, a visitor’s positive first impression of your home depends on smart driveway design. Plan Ahead Unlike some other “curb appeal” elements — outdoor […]

Dig This Trend: 7 Most Cozy Fireplaces

Weather forecasts have you seeing gray? If you’re feeling the need to turn up the heat at home, we’ve gathered seven cozy fireplaces from Zillow Digs sure to have you toasty in no time. Back to Nature Nothing creates drama like a fireplace surrounded by 25-foot vaulted cherry ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. The nearly glass […]

9 Splurge-Worthy Kitchens

Vintage Revamp For designer Rob Stuart, inspiration for this kitchen’s period-perfect design struck at the sight of the Art Deco range. The rare find was worth the splurge to anchor the kitchen’s Deco feel. Rob then added period-appropriate custom cabinets in a modern color palette to create a kitchen that is both timeless and of […]

Best Indoor Plants for Cleaning the Air

Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) The graceful spider plant achieved fame in the early 1980s when NASA research proved the spider plant could remove harmful indoor air pollutants. The findings were key to solving the problem of cleansing air during deep space explorations. Spidey is an American hero! And relatively easy to care for, too. Snake […]

How to Make Your Home a Soothing Sanctuary

Your home may never be a castle, but it can definitely be a haven — your own private refuge (at least after the kids are asleep) from the mayhem outside. Creating a stress-free and soothing home environment can mean hiring a contractor to install serious soundproofing or a spa-worthy steam shower — pricey upgrades that […]