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Not for sale? Not necessarily a problem.

May Buying Advice: Choked by a weak housing inventory, some agents are coaxing homeowners to the market with a different approach. Frustrated with the lack of housing inventory, homebuyers in many markets are taking matters into their own hands by sending letters to homeowners and asking them to sell. In this month’s Buying Advice, we’ll […]

Signs of a Housing Recovery in Your Neighborhood

Just because all the talking heads are saying “housing is back!” doesn’t mean everyone is buying it. There’s a high degree of skepticism surrounding the housing recovery, according to a recent survey by the MacArthur Foundation. According to the survey, 77 percent of homeowners don’t believe the housing crisis is over, with some saying the […]

Buyers, Get an Edge During The Busy Spring Season

The spring and summer months are traditionally the busiest times of year for the residential real estate market. Weather is more cooperative and many families like to move while the kids are on their summer break. But in recent years spring, for many regions, has meant more homes on the market, but also more buyers, […]

Sale Prices Plateau as Listings Keep Tanking

The following charts are based on the stats from Redfin’s King County region page. First up are the median list and sale prices per square foot. Note that the list price below includes all homes on the market, whether or not they eventually sell, so it tends to be biased toward higher numbers than the […]

5 Ways to Get Your Home When Housing Inventory Is So Tight

Homebuyers are in the real estate game again, but they’re facing a huge inventory shortage in most markets. Some buyers make three or four offers on homes, only to keep losing out to other buyers. In this tight market, buyers and real estate agents need to think outside the box. You may need to go […]