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6 “Green” Terms: Which Ones Can You Trust?

Does “natural” mean organic? Should you buy anything labeled “non-toxic”? Here are the truth and eco-facts about many of the green terms you find on product labels. What’s really green? Soon you’ll have a little more confidence about green product marketing claims, such as “biodegradable” and “recyclable”: The Federal Trade Commission, which sets standards for […]

DeCoursey Pond Restoration Event

Saturday, February 23rd 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Location DeCoursey Park, Puyallup 7th Ave SW between 18th & 21st Streets DeCoursey Pond has been identified as a source of fecal coliform, which is contaminating Clark’s Creek and is harmful to human health. Some of the potential solutions suggested by experts and community memebers are: filling […]

How to Make Your Home a Soothing Sanctuary

Your home may never be a castle, but it can definitely be a haven — your own private refuge (at least after the kids are asleep) from the mayhem outside. Creating a stress-free and soothing home environment can mean hiring a contractor to install serious soundproofing or a spa-worthy steam shower — pricey upgrades that […]


Garbage now a days is one of the biggest problems we are now encountering.. Everybody is encourage to recycle whatever means that can be re use.. Large percentage of the garbage comes from our household.  Materials include many kinds of glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles, and electronics. There are many ways to reduce our trash. Clutters that are reusable can be […]

Home Improvement to Sell

Potential buyers nowadays want to get as much as possible for their money and are on the look out for extra essentials such as a pool, balcony, large patio and gardens. They’re looking for something that will give them a lifestyle at appreciative price. This is such a buyer’s market that if your home has […]