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10 Most Important Real Estate Forms You Can’t Ignore

If you’re buying or selling a home, make way for the ensuing avalanche of documents, online or on paper. But which are absolute musts to read all the way through? Here are 10 of the most important documents that will come your way as you venture through your transaction journey. Experts say that every homeowner […]

Pulte Survey Says 60% of Renters Plan to Buy a Home in Next 2 Years

More renters who hope to one day own a home seem ready to act now. Among renters who one day hope to own a home, a poll finds a dramatic increase in the number who now say that they intend to buy in the near future. Offering more evidence of a swing toward home ownership […]

Buying a Home is 44% Cheaper than Renting Despite Rising Home Prices

Low mortgage rates have kept homeownership less expensive than renting in all 100 large metros. Even though asking home prices rose 7.0% in the last year, outpacing rent increases of 3.2%, the gap between buying and renting has narrowed only slightly. One year ago, buying was 46% cheaper than renting. Today’s it’s 44% cheaper to […]

Six Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Looking For A Home

Owning your own home can be one of the most satisfying experiences in life. There’s nothing like knowing that it’s yours and that you can customize it to make it the perfect place for you to live. Buying a home is both a joy and one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. […]

The Right Mortgage

If you’re considering buying a home, securing a mortgage loan is a key part of the process.  However, you’re probably wondering: how do I find the best mortgage loan for my financial needs? Generally speaking, there are two types of mortgage loans: A fixed-rate mortgage offers a rate that stays the same over the life […]