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HUD to Sell 40,000 Distressed Loans in 2013

In an effort to address the country’s shadow inventory and relieve high-foreclosure areas, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will sell thousands of severely delinquent mortgage loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration.Throughout the summer ahead, HUD will sell approximately 20,000 distressed loans via the Distressed Asset Stabilization Program in an attempt to […]

Walk Score ‘ChoiceMaps’ Shows Depth of Neighborhood Amenities

Amid growing interest in how access to amenities impacts neighborhood desirability and property values, Walk Score recently debuted a new feature that enables people to gauge the range of choice people in certain areas have over different conveniences, like restaurants and public transit. Drawing on historical data, the feature also provides analysts with a new […]

Seattle Building One of ‘Top 10 Green Projects’ in U.S.

The new U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Seattle District Headquarters is one of this year’s “Top 10 Green Projects” in the nation, the American Institute of Architects announced Monday. The program “celebrates projects that are the result of a thoroughly integrated approach to architecture, natural systems and technology,” the AIA said. “They make a positive […]

6 “Green” Terms: Which Ones Can You Trust?

Does “natural” mean organic? Should you buy anything labeled “non-toxic”? Here are the truth and eco-facts about many of the green terms you find on product labels. What’s really green? Soon you’ll have a little more confidence about green product marketing claims, such as “biodegradable” and “recyclable”: The Federal Trade Commission, which sets standards for […]

Housing Industry Boosts Employment

Despite an economic picture that looks considerably rosier than it has in the past few years, one nagging problem continues to hinder economic growth: Unemployment. For the first time in years, the housing industry may be able to help. While the most recent unemployment surveys for March are weak overall, the housing recovery is responsible […]