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Give Your Living Room Timeless Character With Thrifty Finds

Your living room is where you gather with friends and family, so the space should be both cozy and stylish. Achieve big style on a small budget with vintage pieces found at flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales. Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep It’s not uncommon to find brand-name, well-built, sturdy sofas that […]

Pacific Northwest Gardener: What To Do In May

Take advantage of May’s warmth to prune spring blooms and plant vegetables and annuals for a summer bounty. May is the first month when the Pacific Northwest really starts to shake off the dreary doldrums of winter. All that sunshine means it’s a good idea to check irrigation systems in time for summer watering. We […]

Get This Look: Greenery in the Home

Greenery can add a lot to a home, but for many homeowners the idea of incorporating living plants into a space is daunting. “So many of my clients will say, ‘I kill everything I have!’” said designer Jamie Herzlinger. But what she tells them is that many of the latest trends in greenery don’t require […]

Are you looking for energy savings in all the wrong places?

Our energy costs are going up because too many of us are making the wrong judgment calls about how to save energy. Here’s why we’re having a disconnect. Energy costs are always going up, partially because we have more things to plug in than ever before. Image: Ann Rosener, photographer/Office of War Information/Library of Congress […]

Bringing Beauty to the Parking Strip

The city owns it, but the homeowner is supposed to maintain it. No wonder the parking strip — that space between the curb and sidewalk — is often referred to as “no man’s land.” Small trees add curb appeal to the parking strip in front of this Seattle home. Ironically, this much-maligned patch of earth is often […]