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2012 Feng Shui Update for Home / Office

West Part of your Home “Wealth and Romance”

  • The West bagua area of your home is hosting a very auspicious feng shui star in 2012. There is the potential of excellent feng shui energy here that can attract luck and prosperity. To prepare the west part of your Home, make sure the energy of  your home is clean, beautiful and active. Spend more time there, play music, etc. Keep the energy fresh, flowing and happy and Activate the Love & Romance energy

 Northeast Part of your Home “Future Wealth”

  • Decorate this area with items in 9, such as 9 candles or 9 dzi beads. Be creative and find the decor solution that works best in your home. Healthy lush plants and beautiful flowers can create great feng shui energy in the Northeast bagua area in 2012. A good feng shui cure here is the lucky feng shui bamboowith 9 stalks.

 East Part of your Home “ Love & Education”

  •  A variety of feng shui crystals can be introduced here, as well as a gentle Water element, as in colours blue or black or a beautiful mirror. Lush green plants are excellent in the East bagua area in 2012. Avoid Metal element colours and decor, such as big items made from metal, or a strong presence of colours white, gray, silver and gold.

 Center of your Home

        In 2012, the feng shui star that can help you with career success is in the Center of your home.

  • Introduce a metal element decor item that can enhance your career energy. For example, you can display images of people you admire in a metal frame, or choose highlights from your own career. Be creative with your feng shui cures. Feng shui crystals are excellent here, so a good cure will be 6 crystals displayed in a beautiful way. Choose any rock crystals you like and in any form – from natural formations, such as clusters and geodes to carvings or spheres. Pyrite can work very well here in 2012

South of your Home “Overall Success”Career Success”

  • Introduce Water and Metal element decor items in the South bagua area of your home in 2012. Colors blue, black, charcoal grey and white are a good choice of colours for South bagua decor in 2012 because of their element energies.
  • Best feng shui cures for South in 2012 are the cures with strong victorious, joyful energy. The image of the horse is a classical feng shui cure that can work very well here. A metalWu Lou (Chinese gourd) is also recommended, as well as items in round shapes.

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