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Feng Shui Effects

A working knowledge of Feng Sui can help “SELL” a home. The term feng shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English. It is an art of placement of things to promote health, wealth, success and harmony. In today’s multicultural world, Feng shui became marketable in the United States.

 Applying basic feng shui principles can speed up the sale of the house that can also help are:

  • Wide ranged neighborhood
  • Entrance of the home should be welcoming (open pathway to the main door).
  • Freshen up your house by putting live plants and new paint etc..
  • Include furnishes made of wood or metal, Earth for your back yard (referring to the soils garden), and flow of water.

Be more realistic. In whatever the appraisal of your home, it is the market value that determines the sale price. Remember that unless you are in the Real Estate business you are not in to make a big profit. Accept and be content with a evenly handed payment for the equity gathered in the home.

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